K20 Steel

K20 is a state of the art locking system for flatbed constructions consisting of dropside locks for medium and heavy commercial vehicles.

K20 is a user friendly and flexible locking system available in different heights and configurations. Designed for dropsides from 400 mm, avalible in ED-coated or galvanized steel and aluminium. 

The K20 pillar is a user friendly and safe solution, mounted on the side rave of the flatbed. The pillar, which has a built in safety solution, folds down easily to hang in the support during loading and unloading. This gives an open and easily accessible load area with focus on good functionality, high level of personal safety and easy handling. 


K20 dropside lock is designed for flatbeds with external mounted dropsides. The pillar is locked in the pillar support mounted onto the side rave of the flatbed. In the pillar there are rule rods which in a locked position are fixed in a dropside catch. The dropside catch is mounted onto the flatbed dropsides. When the pillar handle is opened, the rule rod moves down enabling the dropside to be folded down. 

To release the pillar from the pillar support, push both handles down to the end position, which releases the wedge which is engaged in the support. The pillar can then be folded out and either hung down or released to give a completely open load area.

Design and safety

The pillar is fitted with a load indicator that prevents unintentional or risky operation. The load indicator indicates when there is a pressure on the inside of the dropside panel due to load displacement. As a safety for the user, both handles must be pushed down to the end position in order to release.

K20 Stål

  • 400
  • 500
  • 600
  • 800
  • 1000
  • 1100
  • 1200
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