C10 - Curtainside pillar

C10 is a safe and user friendly pillar system for curtainsiders.

The C10 pillar system offers a wide range of flexible solutions, including fixed, telescopic and spring-loaded tops, as well as different rollers. The pillar is made of high strength low alloy (HSLA) steel and tested according to EN12642. C10 can easily be customized to meet specific vehicle requirments.

-Single-handed operation
-A flexible pillar with a variety of combinations
-The roller design allows easy sideways pillar movement
-Combination options allow easy pillar height adjusment
-The support allows low height side raves


C10 can be fitted at any desired height. The roller is located at the upper part of the pillar’s top profile and runs in the roof profile. The support is welded or bolted to the side rave. C10 can be fitted with a fixed, telescopic or spring-loaded top. When the pillar is fitted with a spring-loaded top, the pillar appears weightless during handling.

The roller design allows easy sideways pillar movement. Pillar length can be adjusted from ground level using a built-in adjustable ladder.

Design and safety

Single-handed operation with built-in safety catch enables easy and safe operation. The pillar height can be adjusted via various functions and accessories. 

Spring kit enables the roof to be raised and gives a sense of weightless handling. The support allows low height side raves.

C10 Curtainside

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